Life’s tough. Are you ready?

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Why choose SSC?

Paul Cobham, SIA IV, is ex- British Military (Retired) with 30 years’ experience in the field of survival. SIA IV is currently the highest survival instructor level in the world, and the only civilian survival instructor training course designed around proven SAS survival principles. Paul’s friendly and down to earth approach turns learning into an adventure. A certified Wilderness First Responder, Paul is also well qualified to perform first aid in a wilderness setting. From its secluded location in the highlands of Cape Breton, to the relevant and hands-on teaching style of its instructors, SSC gives its clients a truly unique, personalized survival experience. Private classes with Paul are available: email for details. Paul’s rate for speaking engagements is $250.00 plus travel expenses. Paul is also available as a survival consultant to media firms, and TV and film production companies. His consultancy fee is $500 a day plus expenses. Why choose a SIA IV Instructor?

Getting to Cape Breton

Halifax International Airport handles flights from Europe, USA and Canada, then it is a short 40 minute flight to Cape Breton’s Sydney Airport. With prior notice and for a small extra charge, we can meet you at Sydney Airport and transport you to SSC. We can, with sufficient notice, provide on-site training anywhere in the world that is close to an airport.
“Comprehensive, professional and most of all, fun. Paul is a natural teacher who makes learning easy. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.” ~ Mark D., Toronto

What we do

We provide survival training on all levels, from absolute beginner through to expert. We teach families, individuals, groups, media crews and corporate teams. Custom courses are available upon request. We also provide instructor training using the SIA IV course from the UK, the only civilian survival instructor course designed around proven SAS survival principles.  We also offer a comprehensive program of first aid training in partnership with Sirius Wilderness Medicine. 
A beautiful view - but not so pleasant if you're lost.

Life’s tough. Are you ready?

Important news update for summer 2015   In April Our chief instructor Paul Cobham   was diagnosed with a extremely large, Tennis ball size Tumour in his abdomen, this will require  open abdominal surgery to remove  this growth.  As such all  our spring and summer courses are on hold pending the outcome of this operation.  We will keep everyone informed as to  possible course dates for later in 2015.  

Survival School Canada

Paul Cobham, Chief Instructor at SSC. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of unspoilt wilderness.

The first and only civilian Survival School in North America with a SIA Level IV

Instructor. Authentic, accessible, relevant survival strategies for today’s world.

Life’s tough. Are you ready?

Where we are

Survival School Canada is located on the Cabot Trail in the highlands of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Our secluded and very private training facility comprises 25 acres with a further 100 acres a short hike away. Accommodation in our woodland campsites is quiet and private. Our 100 acres of forest is used for field trips and advanced training courses. The entire property is surrounded by thousands of acres of unspoiled and provincially protected Wilderness Area.
Our winter survival courses will teach you how to survive in these unforgiving conditions.