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Life’s Tough. Are You Ready? Wilderness and Urban Survival Training for corporate and select private clients.
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Elite Instructor

Paul Cobham is a graduate of one of the world’s foremost survival training certification programs. He is a Wilderness First Responder, and has a military background.

Elite Training

SSC training is bespoke and based on proven principles used by special forces worldwide. Your training will be tailored to your unique needs.  

Elite Clients

SSC training is suitable for world travellers, corporate executives, journalists, celebrities, politicians, media crews, management teams, diplomats, etc.  SSC does not offer training to the general public.

When it has to be the best: choose SSC.

Survival School Canada (SSC) provides Wilderness and Urban Survival Training for corporate and select private clients only. Training programs are bespoke (custom) and each program is individually tailored to the client’s unique needs.  This personal attention means that you will receive a training program that is custom designed for you and no-one else.  At SSC, we believe this method is the best choice for today’s fast- moving and ever-changing world.  Whether you are a CEO of a major corporation, a top management team, an international correspondent or media team, a world- renowned celebrity or a politician, you need Survival School Canada. Our training methods are rooted in real experience, and based on proven principles that are relied upon among elite forces and operatives worldwide.  These methods stand the test of time, and may one day save your life. SSC does not offer training to the general public.  If you believe that a Survival School Canada training program is for you or your team, contact us by email at info@survivalschoolcanada.com.


SSC does not disclose its exact location until a client has entered into a training contract. We are in Atlantic Canada, within reach of an international airport, and a short drive from a landing strip suitable for private aircraft or helicopters.
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